Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disinfecting Swine

Australia enacts new laws overnight extending mandatory detention authority over citizens or visitors who may be suspected of being virally infected.

The Federal Government has increased its powers of surveillance, detention and disinfection to combat swine flu as the official death toll in Mexico is revised down from 20 to 7. I can see Daleks hovering everywhere screaming disinfect, dis in fect!

Health Minister Nicola Roxon says she has no intention of forcibly detaining or isolating people, but has nevertheless sought the extra powers just in case. I believe her, our government really care, right?

Governor-General Quentin Bryce consented to the sweeping new quarantine powers for health officials. I wonder, armed health officials? Doesn’t matter if its law, Doc says quarantine and armed thugs, call them police if you will, enforce. I guess it will be out of the question to decline vaccinations under detention.

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