Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The fear of Swine

Headlines around the globe continue to elevate the swine flu death toll in Mexico. Currently the figure is 152. There are some instances, but rarely do these news bites accurately report this toll as "believed" or "suspected". Even more elusive in the media, the actual number of confirmed deaths, 20. That’s right, 130 deaths are believed, suspected, possibly related to swine flu. Swine flu, first detected March 18 may be deadly in some cases, but how many people die from regular, every day flu variants annually around the world? The answer, according to World Health Organization (WHO) is between 250,000 to 500,000 per year.

Does it seem weird, 20 confirmed deaths have effectively seen the streets of Mexico City deserted? That is with the exception of wandering, machine gun wielding military personnel.

President Barack Obama gave a speech at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City on April 16, 2009. He was received by archaeologist Felipe Solis who later died from "flu like symptoms". CBS news

Apparently Obama continues to enjoy good health; perhaps he was all dosed up with Tamiflu. It has been reported that the Roche Company’s Tamiflu and the Australian developed inhalant alternative Relenza, are effective in treating and preventing the swine flu.

It would appear that the Melbourne based licensing partner for Relenza, shares the same good fortune to that of President Obama. During the first three months of 2009, Relenza sales unexpectedly exceeded sales for the entire previous year by four times, something to do with stockpiling by the Japanese and British governments. Hmm, coincidence? Here’s another, Biota Holdings, the licensing partner, had a sharp rise in their share price just before the miraculous sales figures were made public. Hmm, imagine that.

US Congressman Ron Paul, also a physician, says in 1976 there was a vote on swine flu. Back then there was a Pan A that was said would sweep the nation. The government was going to inoculate everyone and save the world. Ron Paul and one other voted against it. The flu came and went, one person died from it but 25 died from the vaccine. Many more got ill from it until finally they had to suspend the vaccine program. watch Ron Paul YouTube


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