Friday, April 3, 2009

Who Controls The Black Bloc Anarchists?

by Paul Watson

The British authorities seemed to have little problem with allowing a group of violent black bloc anarchists smash up the RBS building while provoking police yesterday, despite the group announcing their target in advance, yet a legitimate anti-poverty organization has had its “accreditation” to protest at the G20 removed on the orders of Downing Street.

The World Development Movement which was part of last weekend’s huge Put People First Alliance which held a rally in London, said the Foreign Office received a note from 10 Downing Street telling it to revoke the accreditation.

The black bloc anarchist assault on the Royal Bank of Scotland building certainly had an air of being stage-managed. The target was announced in advance, the authorities knew that the building was a prime target, and yet it was the only one in the street not boarded up. A cafe across the street was boarded up and yet the RBS building was left completely vulnerable to attack.

Cue a relatively small gaggle of black-bloc anarchists, followed by a similarly sized press corps to photograph every angle of every smashed window, and you have the makings of a stage-managed event to instantly be consumed by the watching middle classes thus enlisting their support for a police state crackdown. In this instance, the police stood back and let them do pretty much whatever they liked, which is highly suspicious within itself, but the week is far from over and a wider crackdown could ensue now that public acquiescence has been garnered through repeated footage showing the hostility of the anarchists.

This particular black bloc sect are at best completely infiltrated by provocateurs who can routinely be relied upon to provide the media with violent footage with which to demonize legitimate protesters at every major global summit stretching back nearly two decades.

Whenever someone asks them what they are actually proposing to replace the evils of capitalism, they have no idea. Meanwhile, people who actually have a defined cause and merely want to exercise their right to free speech as a public platform to draw attention to the issue, and have already proven they are a peaceable group, are barred from doing so by the government removing their “accreditation” to protest.

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