Monday, April 6, 2009

FCUK the Police!

Never letting the truth get in the way of good headlines, main stream media has fed millions around the world; tales of evil protesters rampaging with violence and destruction during the G20 meeting in London and the NATO summit in Strasbourg.

If the truth be told, only police were responsible for acts of violence, and as for willful vandalism, these scenes were carefully staged with the blessing of authorities.

These tactics are not new; they are standard procedure for ensuring the messages behind peaceful protests don’t get heard. Its one thing to execute PSYOPs obscuring our reality, but quite another when innocent people die from this authoritarian thuggery.

The following article from Indymedia UK
During a demonstration against the G20 in London, thousands of protesters were trapped inside a police cordon (kettled) where they were baton charged and crushed by the police. A man died during this demonstration outside the Bank of England in London. Eyewitnesses have now released a statement and video.

Various participants in the City of London demonstrations on April 1st have come forward as witnesses to the collapse of a man. Four different university students witnessed the collapse of Mr. Tomlinson. "He stumbled towards us from the direction of police and protesters and collapsed," said Peter Apps. "I saw a demonstrator who was a first aider attend to the person who had collapsed.”

Natalie Langford, a student at Queen Mary, said "there was a police charge. A lot of people ran in our direction. The woman giving first aid stood in the path of the crowd." The running people, seeing a guy on the ground, went around them.

Another demonstrator had already called 999 and was getting medical advice from the ambulance dispatcher. "Four police with two police medics came. They told her [the first aider] to move along", said Peter Apps. "Then they pushed her forcibly away from him. They refused to listen to her [the first aider] when she tried to explain his condition."

The first aider said "The police surrounded the collapsed man. I was standing with the person who'd called 999. The ambulance dispatcher wanted to talk to the police, the phone was being held out to them, but the police refused."

Another witness added "we didn't see the police perform CPR."

Other people who had tried to stay with the collapsed man were also pushed away.

All of the witnesses deny the allegation that many missiles were thrown.

According to Peter Apps, "one bottle was thrown, but it didn't come close to the police. Nothing was thrown afterwards as other demonstrators told the person to stop. The person who threw the bottle probably didn't realize that someone was behind the ring of police." All the witnesses said that the demonstrators were concerned for the well-being of the collapsed man once they realized that there was an injured person.

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