Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why I Hate the Star Spangled Banner

I remember a time when I would threaten a person for not respecting our flag and loving our country. I believed my government and its multitude of lies when it ordered me and others, to protect freedom, and spread it to the oppressed people in the Middle East.

I didn’t find crowds of cheering people thanking me for their freedom; I found hell. I began to feel very Roman, killing and conquering all in the name of Caesar Bush. I watched as my commander committed war crime after war crime.

I too, did things that I am not proud of, things I must live with every day. I came home, my body and mind damaged. VA gave me drugs, told me nothing was wrong. I struggle to feel normal again.

All those pseudo-patriotic Christian warmongers want to give me for my emotional nightmares and guilt is a beer and a thank you. If you knew what we really did in your name, you would not thank us. Help us, because the country you so blindly support will not.

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