Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wall Street rallied today after the Federal Reserve moved to pump an extra $1.2 trillion of debt into the US financial system.

The plan will see the Fed buy $300 billion of Government debt (bonds, called treasuries) and an extra $850 billion in debt and securities issued by mortgage finance agencies. Are we forgetting that these purchases are themselves more debt? The Fed doesn’t print money and circulate it for free.

This brings the total US bailout figure to a shade under $10 trillion. Almost $7 trillion comes directly from the Federal Reserve with no congressional approval or oversight required.

Isn’t this the reason the financial system collapsed in the first place? The Fed printing massive debt (every dollar printed has interest repayable on it) and circulating it recklessly about. Then a select fortunate few siphon the entire manufactured asset (money printed from nothing), leaving only a debt component and consequently they cry we have no money, so then the Fed issues more, starting the whole revolving process all over again.

It is well past time all people became as “Mad as Hell” and said “We’re not going to take it anymore”. If you haven’t heard, the Fed and all other central banks around the world are in no way Federal; that is Government operated. They are subject to a certain amount of Government regulation but they are privately owned banking businesses. This includes the World Bank.

Why is it that select privately owned businesses have been given the license to print money, holding us ransom with the debt attached to each dollar? It’s the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against humanity. It’s been happening for thousands of years, slowly and cautiously at first, but now it’s just not funny anymore.

When people pay taxes they are not contributing to social services and infrastructure. Every tax dollar collected goes directly to paying Government debt, existent because Government acquires all spending money from the Federal/Central Reserve/Bank at interest.

Every human is born into a never ending cycle of debt; we are all screwed before we begin. I repeat, it’s time we all say; No More!

All it takes is for Governments of the world to have the balls, to say to the international bankers, thanks but we’ll take it from here, we’ll print our own money now. Take back the right to print and circulate money which should have never fallen into private interests in the first place. If a Government takes charge of circulating currency, it has no debt (interest payable) on that money. If this were to occur, Governments would become debt free.

Of course there have been two US Presidents in history, who did just that, took control of the issue of money, Abraham Lincoln and JFK. Obviously assured assassination is why no Government dare challenge the bankers again, but if entire populations were willing to stand behind Government in such action, it could be pulled off.

Not that we should wait for Government to offer such a plan and ask for our support but rather we need to demand it from our elected officials and then back them. If everyone was willing to shout, no more, it ends here and boycott consumerism and banking; support each other on a local community level in the transition, the great slave masters of humanity will lose power immediately.

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