Friday, March 27, 2009

Russian Mob Hacks Dentist

Australia’s Communications Minister Stephen Conroy on ABC television, in explaining why a Dentist’s website made its way into the ACMA blacklist, had the following to say:
"Russian Mob targeted Queensland small businesses last year. What they did was identified websites that had blank pages underneath the main page. What they would do is put some material that would be refused classification on that one page on that site and then they would spam all those people that would be interested in looking at this material.

We were advised by international agencies that this is what was happening and so it was blocked internationally, it was never blocked in Australia and then it went away. So the dentist that people say, well how could you possibly block a dentist? Because the Russian Mob hacked the site, well not the site directly but they actually entered into using his web address. So I don’t have a problem with wanting to combat the Russian Mob, no I’m not exaggerating."

If anyone can make sense of this gibberish, please let me know.

As a Webmaster, if the Mafia inserted material into a "blank page underneath the main page" of my website page, it would be very easy and quick for me to delete this material, assuming Stephen was slightly confused and referring to some sort of real content substitution by hacking, and not actually expecting us to believe in imaginary blank pages existing "underneath" other pages. I'm worried now, I'll go check my server, make sure there are no blank pages laying about for the Mob to identify.

If the rather contradictory elaboration, to the blank page theory, of the Mob not actually hacking the site directly but "entering into using the web address" was true, again we will make an assumption and translate: redirecting name servers from the real site to the mob site through hacking, then a Webmaster, or indeed host admin as well, could have this unfortunate situation rectified hastily and simply. Why list the attacked site in a Net filter blacklist, why not just notify the site owner or host? I’m glad Minister Conroy was not exaggerating.

The other startling contradiction, "it was never blocked in Australia," again taking the liberty to guess what the hell he was talking about and assume that he meant never put on the blacklist, then how was he combating the Russian Mob again? My favourite part though was "and then it went away" Huh?

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