Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Genius Gov outlaws criminals

NSW Premier Nathan Rees has met with ministers to discuss new laws designed to outlaw bikie gangs.

The laws will make it illegal for gang members to associate with one another and could also prevent them from working as security guards or tow-truck drivers.

Criminal defence lawyers have questioned whether the New South Wales Government's new crackdown on bikies will have any effect.

Barrister Phillip Boulton says:
"If these people who are shooting and killing each other can't obey the laws that say you can't shoot or kill each other, I don't think they're going to obey a law that says you can't have a beer with each other.”

Finally a voice of reason, in the midst of all the media hype and insane political rhetoric. Personally I still smell a conspiracy, as outlined in a previous post. I believe the “war on bikies” is all about state Governments overriding our freedoms once again, as if we hadn’t already lost enough due to the “war on terror”.

After the reaction to the airport brawl, why would bikie club members escalate incidents of violence against each in the knowledge that will only bring public condemnation and support for draconian government laws against them? Why indeed, unless they are being bribed really well to do so or are substituted by special agents whom we are told are bikies.

If there is truth in my conspiracy theory, it certainly wouldn’t be a new phenomenon, same shit the CIA have been orchestrating for 50 years, creating havoc for their own political gain.

By legislating it illegal for bikie clubs to exist, the Government is saying that all bikie group members are criminals. Why would lawful gatherers be outlawed? So in effect then, they are outlawing criminals? Why didn’t we think of this earlier? Perhaps next we could outlaw drug cartels?

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