Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There go our liberties again

Sydney man Anthony Zervas, 29, was bludgeoned to death with a metal pole as at least 15 rival bikies brawled in front of horrified passengers at the domestic terminal's check-in area on Sunday afternoon.

Police say tensions had escalated between at least six known senior members of the Commancheros and Hell's Angels gangs on board a flight from Melbourne.

A Sydney court heard yesterday the bikies used mobile phones on the plane and were met by a number of other men when they disembarked.

Police say the fight lasted for 15 minutes from 1:30pm, when the bikies allegedly started punching, kicking and hitting each other at the arrival gate. Officers did not respond until 1:47pm, four minutes after a member of the public called 000.


In our age of heightened terrorism paranoia and all extraordinary police/security officers powers that accompany, are we expected to believe this incident could happen if it was not allowed to?

In reality, if any individuals were antagonizing one another on board a flight, if there were for some reason no armed air marshals in flight, those involved could expect a welcoming party of federal officers to greet them upon touch down.

With thousands of intrusive cctv/security cams monitoring our every move, if I look sideways at someone in an airport there would be security agents buffing the floor with my face, within about 30 secs.

Australians, maybe not gullible enough to fall for the same scenario if the patsies were wearing tea towels upon their heads, may just buy this one with home grown identities involved.

Surprise, surprise, Prime Minister Rudd says: “Australia should have zero tolerance for bikie crime. I'm advised from Australia today that the next meeting of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General will be looking specifically at what further actions across the nation are necessary.”

He also promised to give police more resources if such a recommendation arose from their investigation into the incident.

Mr Stewart, who was the airport's chief until 2003, says high-calibre weapons should be considered for police and security guards at the airport. Machine guns are a huge deterrent to both terrorists and the public," he said.

The New South Wales Government has promised to introduce tough new legislation against bikies. Premier Nathan Rees will also give the State Crime Command extra powers to interrogate suspects. He plans to introduce laws based on controversial South Australian legislation within the next two weeks. Under the crackdown, motorcycle gangs would be declared illegal and the sort of employment gang members can seek would be restricted.

Commissioner Scipione says "Since September last year alone, 185 bikies have been charged with over 500 offenses, but it doesn't appear that they've got the message. But they'll get the message with this new strike force that we've called Raptor, who will be out there hunting them down."

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