Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pork Pandemic in Ukraine

I was reading this article at Infowars Ireland -

Panic in Ukraine, Authorities deny aircraft are spraying aerosols over cities, Martial Law expected
Authorities in Kiev, Ukraine, deny spraying of "aerosolized medication" by aircraft over city.

The office of Emergency Response in the district of Desniansko, Kiev, are tonight (30th Oct.) strongly refuting reports that light aircraft were spraying a substance over the city intended to counter a "swine flu pandemic" in Ukraine.

I decided to check out one of the sources listed –

As I don’t read Russian very well, I had google translate an updated article – The epidemic of panic, Nov 2nd 2009. The googlator produced a bizarre but very humorous read, here are some extracts, reprinted for comedy purposes only:

Although Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevich announced the arrival of "Swine" influenza H1N1, most of the dead were victims of the regular flu and its complications. For any influenza epidemic - is inevitable.

But in this case, the authorities have not explained this time the public and journalists gladly picked up the new "hot" topic. As a result, Ukrainian news feeds are similar to reports from the front: every morning you can see how many people were newly infected, how many - were hospitalized, how many - died.

At the same time information about what exactly people are sick, because of what they get in hospital and dying, were very vague. In the press sounded language such as "mystery pneumonia", "a new virus," "lightning death."

People naturally started to worry. Press felt it. And on Oct. 29, when it became known about the 30 dead, the media exploded.

It became known as the local authorities, and Kiev, occupied election campaign, almost no interest in the epidemic. Minister of Health, which ran for more information, frankly admitted that he did not know, what exactly are sick people.

In the media reported that doctors did not show the results of autopsies of deceased patients, that patients' burn out "almost immediately, that the exact number of cases and deaths is not known to anyone.

Local authorities in Lviv and Ternopil urged people not to go into the streets without a gauze bandages, and avoid the appearance in public places, and also closed schools and colleges.

Politicians, too, have not gone away. Some were advised to enter the western regions of the state of emergency, others - to declare it quarantined, and others - to throw to combat the virus army.

In popular memory have floated to the stage of American blockbusters: a certain area covered by the epidemic (captured by zombies), People are torn away from there, impassive GI were not released, but the president reluctantly orders the massive assault on the source of infection.

Residents of areas where the number of cases was highest, of course, all this talk like they could not. And then the Ministry of Health announced that the country's outbreak is not there some kind of "unknown" influenza, highly - H1N1, which is also called "pork"

Probably, the Office decided that the worst - is unknown. But the people for some reason did not give up, learning about what kind of flu has come to Ukraine. People are reasonably judged that recovery is sick - a handwork of cases. Pharmacies lined queue. From the shelves swept everything - not only antiviral drugs, but useless in the case of influenza antibiotics and paracetamol. Gauze bandages, too, sold out instantly.

Lovers of traditional medicine markets are raked with lemons, garlic and onion. This traditional lard, on the contrary, fell into disfavor: Mindful of the fact that influenza as something to do with the pigs, Ukrainians virtually abandoned the beloved product.

Until the government and the president started to understand that there is going something wrong. President Viktor Yushchenko has asked for help from foreign countries, but also ordered the Defense Ministry has prepared a mobile hospitals to assist patients.

Defense saluted, and at the same time abolished the autumn appeal. Those soldiers who have served, put on a garlic-onion diet.

Residents of the western regions of Ukraine has gradually embrace panic. People stopped to remove the mask, even in offices. In Ternopil rumors that all exits from the city are blocked off and it is almost impossible.

*This next paragraph is my favorite bit :)
Nerves began to take everyone. In Kiev spread the story of the first "victim" of influenza in the capital. Allegedly one man sneezed in a minibus. When asked where he decided to make a joke: "From Ternopil!" As a result, was hospitalized with a brain injury.

Politicians, meanwhile, continued to fuel the fire. Yushchenko has called the epidemic "threat to national security" and Tymoshenko declared the disease "extremely dangerous". Both, of course, added that there should be no panic, but how to keep calm when you have the windows raging "extremely dangerous threat to national security," president and prime minister did not tell.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate also went on the warpath with the flu. In all the churches of the country was "prayer during the singing of the devastating epidemic and smertonosnyya infection. The outcome is not reported.

The epidemic is gradually being transformed into something ordinary. People reacted accordingly: the panic gradually began to give way to a simple caution, and the people of Ukraine have to chuckle over his recent fright.


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