Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brown-nose bailout fund

Prime Joker for little Britain Gordon Brown-nose, speaking at a G20 summit in Scotland this week, said a fund for future bank bailouts should be set up, possibly paid for by a tax on banking transactions.

Brown-nose said that the cost from the failure of banks, should never again be borne by taxpayers. Is he taking the piss? What bank has ever incurred additional operating expenses without passing them directly on to its customers in the form of more fees and charges?

He also said of the banks; “This is a unique sector that, when it fails, imposes such a high cost to the wider economy and damage to society that government intervention becomes essential. So the taxpayer had no real choice but to step in to keep the system afloat.”

No real choice? Spoken like a true joker totally at the service of bankers. Here’s a choice, an idea, let the f*ckers fail and outlaw central banks/federal reserves. With the trillions of dollars tax payers have been robbed of for bailouts of criminal bankers, who claimed to have “failed” because they robbed the system of trillions that didn’t really exist, couldn’t those trillion dollar bailouts instead fund a new banking system? One that doesn’t have a central bank actually affixing immediate debt to every dollar printed, a banking system that operates ethically to maintain currency purchasing power?

Jokers, who claim we have no choice, speak a great lie. A lie so big and repeated so often, the sheeple believe it. Wealth is never lost, it merely gets transferred. In the wreckage of the “global financial crisis”, the rich have become richer and the poor, poorer.

Asked what he thought of Brown-nose’s bailout fund, Australia’s treasurer of the Jokery Wayne Swan, said he could not say if he supported the idea until his masters at the IMF indicated their views of a tax on global financial transactions.

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