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Light from the gods in Aberfoyle Park High

Aberfoyle Park High School in Adelaide’s southern suburbs has made a $500,000.00 deal with the devil (literally), the Raytheon Corporation, the ABC reports Sat Oct 31, 2009.

The name Raytheon reportedly means “light of/from the gods” as in Lucifer the light bringer, the illuminated one, the Son. This death merchant (Raytheon) is the world’s largest manufacturer of guided missiles. Their missile product catalogue includes the infamous patriot missile, the tomahawk, TOW (anti armour), Maverick, Javelin, Sidewinder, Sea Sparrow and HARM (high speed anti-radiation missile) which killed 62 civilians in a Baghdad market in 2003. The HARM warhead is designed to explode into thousands of aluminium fragments.

The deal made by Aberfoyle Park High School will see Raytheon “co-develop” curriculum. It’s a sweet deal for Raytheon, indoctrinating Adelaide’s brightest young minds to the military industrial complex’s agenda, and all for a mere half a million dollars. The sum would be huge money to the school but to Raytheon, its less than the minimum one tomahawk missile sells for, depending on optional extras, the asking price for a single tomahawk is from $600,000.00 to $1million.

Aberfoyle Park High School is the official Department of Education and Children Services (DECS) School for gifted students in the southern metropolitan area of Adelaide. DECS operates a program known as “Ignite”, in which final year primary school children are tested all over the state, the top ranking resulted students are invited to attend one of three schools where extra resources are at disposal and curriculum is accelerated.

More about Raytheon
When President George H. W. Bush travelled to Raytheon's Patriot manufacturing plant during the first Gulf War, he declared, the "Patriot is 41 for 42: 42 Scuds engaged, 41 intercepted!" After the Gulf War had concluded, the staff of the House Government Operations Subcommittee on Legislation and National Security reported,
"The Patriot missile system was not the spectacular success in the Persian Gulf War that the American public was led to believe. There is little evidence to prove that the Patriot hit more than a few Scud missiles launched by Iraq during the Gulf War, and there are some doubts about even these engagements. The public and the United States Congress were misled by definitive statements of success issued by administration and Raytheon representatives during and after the war."

Raytheon is also maker of "Bunker Buster" bombs which can disintegrate the most stubborn of targets, and they also produce “cluster bombs”. This loathsome munition scatters as many as several hundred "bomblets" over a wide area. They often fail to explode, creating virtual minefields that can kill or injure anyone who finds them later - often curious children. A treaty to eliminate cluster bomb use and stockpiles was adopted in Dublin and later ratified in Oslo by 94 signatories, 2008. It goes without saying that the USA did not sign and countries such as Australia were quite concerned at one time that the treaty would prevent them from fighting along side the US when using these weapons. Special clauses were lobbied for to accommodate those concerns.

The Raytheon company has been a key developer and supplier of technology and hardware in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), used extensively in Afghanistan by the US military. Armed UAVs, e.g. – the “reaper” and “predator” also known as “drones” currently fly about Pakistan happily exterminating innocent women and children in the name of the “war on terror”.

Australia’s most important contribution to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the Pine Gap facility, providing satellite intelligence information used in targeting for much of the bombing. Raytheon is the largest civilian employer at Pine Gap, being the sole contractor for the daily maintenance, much of the equipment used at Pine Gap is also made by Raytheon.

Raytheon is responsible for many military communications systems and had intimate participation with the ECHELON system, a worldwide signals intelligence collection and analysis network. ECHELON is operated by five signatory states to the UK-USA Security Agreement (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US).
A European Parliament report from 2001 concluded that ECHELON was capable of interception and content inspection of telephone calls, fax, e-mail and other data traffic globally through the interception of communication bearers including satellite transmission, public switched telephone networks (which carry most Internet traffic) and microwave links.

In 1999 the Australian Senate Joint Standing Committee on Treaties was told by Professor Desmond Ball that the Pine Gap facility was used as a ground station for a satellite-based interception network. The satellites are said to be large radio dishes between 20 and 100 meters in diameter in geostationary orbits.

Raytheon's View of Adelaide -
Managing Director of Raytheon Australia, Ron Fisher, in an address to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce 2005, reported:

We provide technical support for the Joint Facility at Pine Gap, and the Deep Space Communications Complex outside Canberra.

We have a Geospatial Imagery business that takes telemetry data directly from a constellation of orbiting satellites through a dish and terminal equipment here in Adelaide to provide imagery and other value added products much faster than through the satellite operators in Europe and the USA. These satellites also have a potential role in wide area surveillance of our maritime approaches.
One of Raytheon's more secretive subsidiaries is E-Systems, whose major clients have historically been the CIA and other spy agencies like the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. An unnamed Congressional aide told the Washington Post once that the company was ''virtually indistinguishable'' from the agencies it serves. ''Congress will ask for a briefing from E- Systems and the (CIA) program manager shows up,'' the aide is quoted as saying. ''Sometimes he gives the briefing. They're interchangeable.''

Aircraft support for drug-enforcement activities become a part of E-Systems' work after it bought up Air Asia, the CIA's aircraft repair and maintenance facility in Taiwan in 1975. Until E-Systems took it over, Air Asia provided support for Air America, the CIA's covert airline that ferried arms, heroin and opium in Indo-China during the Vietnam War, according to the British reporter Christopher Robbins, who wrote the authoritative account of the airline's history in 1979.

Raytheon was originally formed in 1922 under the name American Appliance Company, by Laurence K. Marshall, Vannevar Bush and scientist Charles G. Smith. The company's first product was a gaseous (helium) rectifier christened with the name Raytheon, which were used in radio-receiver power supplies.

In 1925 the company changed its name to Raytheon Manufacturing Company. During WW II they received a contract to build magnetron tubes for use in radar.

Vannevar Bush was famous for many things, he was a known eugenicists and a primary organizer of the Manhattan Project. As Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, Bush coordinated the activities of some six thousand leading American scientists in the application of science to warfare. This is the man who almost single handedly gave us the Military Industrial Complex.

In June of 1940 he convinced Franklin Delano Roosevelt to give him funding and political support to create a new kind of collaborative relationship between military, industry, and academic researchers-without congressional, or nearly any other, oversight. Bush was also the main drive behind the “Lend-Lease Act”, the exchange of American technology and supplies with the Russians during the 1940s.

Bush was on the committee advising Truman to use the atomic bomb against Japan at the earliest opportunity. Vannevar at one time or another was also; President of the Carnegie Institute, Chairman of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), Chairman of the Joint Research and Development Board (JRDB) of the Army and Navy, board director American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) and Chairman of Merck Pharmaceutical Corporation.

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