Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Australian Councillors align with terrorists

Petition at

Reprimand Terrorist-Sympathisers at Marrickville Council, Australia

Published by Q Society of Australia Inc on Dec 29, 2010

Target: The Hon Barbara Perry, Minister for Local Government, NSW, Australia

Background (Preamble):

Ten local councillors from the suburb of Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia, in their official role as elected representatives of approximately 75,000 residents, have put forward an official resolution in December 2010 to:

"...boycott all goods made in Israel and any sporting, institutional, academic, government or institutional cultural exchanges."

By this action, the ten councillors have formally aligned their municipality with terrorist organisations seeking to overthrow the State of Israel, the one free and democratic nation in the Middle East, fellow UN member, and notably the only multi-ethnic state in the region where freedom of expression, equality, non-discrimination, free union movements, freedom of press and the rule of law are established and guaranteed. In short, they have espoused totalitarian values over Australian democratic values. They are playing into the hands of the Islamist Global BDS Movement and supporting the Hamas and Hizbollah terror groups and other international racist and anti-Semitic organisations.

This irrational act is not only alarmingly naïve, but by supporting the worldview of totalitarian Islam, represents an appalling abuse of our democratic process.

A council’s brief is to act in the interests of their residents, by organizing such things as rubbish collection, social services, catching stray dogs and regulating fence heights. They are not elected to engage in partisan foreign politics or involve themselves in the domestic affairs of other states. In particular, they must never be seen to side with totalitarian, anti-democratic religious fanatics who use terrorism and murder in seeking to destroy the democratic nation of Israel, with which Australia has strong and friendly relations.


We ask the Hon Minister for Local Government in the State of New South Wales (Australia) to reprimand the council of Marrickville for engaging in conduct unbecoming of a local municipality in Australia.

We consider that the conduct of this council is divisive, irrational and ill-informed, and that it deals with matters which do not and should not be included in the jurisdiction of a local municipality.

I’m not sure who the Q Society of Australia Inc is. I can only find a couple of references from a quick googling.

Google result no. 1 for “Q Society”, seems to be some sort of Christian round table, no website or any other details for this group but they have a DVD for sale at various book stores; Q Society Room V5 Dvd: Staying Grounded In A Shifting World. -

Another google search result for “Q Society” links to the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe who offer the following:

Aliases: The Quetzalcoatl-Society, the Q-Foundation, the Q-Brotherhood


Named after the Aztec (and pre-Aztec) god of Light known as Quetzalcoatl, the Q-Society was founded to prepare for the return of Tezcatlipoca the shadow god. Grooming champions for centuries, the Society's ultimate goal was to create a vessel for Quetzalcoatl's power in the inevitable last battle against Tezcatlipoca. During their long existence, they built up an elaborate network of influential people across the world, including the criminal mastermind and businessman Lex Luthor, who, of course, joined the Society with his own agenda - to destroy the Justice League.

The last of the Q-Society's champions was the super-hero known as Aztek. He sacrificed his life in battle against Mageddon the Anti-Sun, who seemingly was the "Tezcatlipoca", that the Society had awaited. When Mageddon was destroyed, the Society's mission was accomplished and their activities presumably phased out.

This all makes sense. We all know that terrorists, in particular anti-Semitic terrorists, operate exclusively in the DC Universe. With no mission in life, after taking out Mageddon, superheroes will now concentrate on saving Australians from the Marrickville Council.

Back to reality, anyone who is clueless as to why 10 Marrickville councillors would hold concerns over the outcomes of Israeli politics, and exercise their democratic right to peaceful protest, a rather excellent recent article by David Icke - THEY DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME ... is a good introduction.

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