Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This is Bullsh*t

Some influential and retarded Americans have been calling for Mr Assange's death since cablegate exploded into our internets.

In an open letter, almost 200 signatories including writer Noam Chomsky, a former Family Court chief justice, retired intelligence officer Lance Collins, actors and politicians; call on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to ensure Mr Assange's safety in light of the inflammatory rhetoric surrounding WikiLeaks. - calls for Gillard to defend Assange - ABC

PM Gillard has loyally made statements in support of her US masters, declaring wikileaks releases illegal.
Asked what Australian laws had been broken by either WikiLeaks or Assange, Ms Gillard said the Australian Federal Police were investigating.

"The foundation stone of it is an illegal act," Ms Gillard said.

The open letter was published before Assange’s surrender to police over a warrant for Swedish charges of “sex by surprise”

While I have many reservations about the motivation behind Wikileaks and the manner in which it operates, I totally support calls for the Prime Minister to make a stand independent of the almighty US and declare that Australians do not condone assassination, whether state sponsored or privately threatened.

I also unconditionally support freedom of information and therefore Wikileaks right to disseminate information. I question the picture painted by Wikileaks releases, but censorship is offensive, adults can form their own opinions about info and should be free to choose info sources.

The credibility of info released by Wikileaks is not in dispute in my mind, it is what they haven’t released that alerts my suspicion. Where are the diplomatic cables received by the US from their counterparts, that criticise US policy and personalties? Where are the cables from US diplomats criticising their own policies? Surely they exist? Not that they (Wikileaks) can design what is submitted, but I believe we the public are only ever allowed to see what authorities allow us to see.

Authorities may convincingly construct an illusion that “leaks” against their interests happen, but they do not. In the case of a genuine leak, they get no publicity; they get buried very, very swiftly. I believe the “sex by surprise” on again off again warrants are a publicity stunt by authorities to generate demand for documents they “don’t want you to see”.

Would authorities or Intelligence Agencies really sacrifice one of their own or an appointed patsy for political gain? F*ckn oath they would.

The “cablegate leak”, no leak at all by definition, but rather a very controlled flow, has been allowed for political gain despite an elaborate psyop to suggest otherwise. The “cablegate leaks” have given much credibility to US geopolitical policy, such as building cases for more military conflicts – Iran, North Korea.

They also for example with the previous Iraq “leak”, provide a more positive outlook on recent conflict with a massively down sized body count in Iraq, 4 or 5 times lower than previously well researched figures.

The Iraq Wikileaks of military records still depict a sh*t load of casualties (about 150,000 violent deaths), but when that figure is 5 times lower than independent calculations, the real carnage is a f*cking sh*t load, apposed to the military recorded small sh*t load. I bet if after US authorities’ assonate or imprison for life Mr Assange, they will not hesitate to quote info that Wikileaks released in support of their policies.

The most obvious reason I suspect Wikileaks of being a conduit for designed policy outcomes by authorities, is the abolishment of freedom of information by authorities in response to the “leaks”, a wet dream come true for authorities.

All government employees and military personnel in the US have been ordered not to read or post links to Wikileaks. A Department Of Commerce memo to employees, official US gov policy for all agencies and bureau’s, reads:
These documents may or may not contain information that is considered National Security information (classified information) and as such, the information is NOT authorized for downloading, viewing, printing, processing, copying, or transmitting via non-classified Government-issued computers.

Doing so would introduce potentially classified information onto our unclassified networks and represent a potential security incident.

There has been a rumor that the information is no longer classified since it resides in the public domain. This is NOT true.

Accessing the WikiLeaks documents will lead to sanitization of your PC to remove any potentially classified information.

This memo, or a close approximation of, is also being circulated in universities warning all students to not read Wikileaks if they desire applying for government jobs in the future.

This is seriously f*cked up! If people accept this precedent, “sanitizing” PC’s and phones etc will follow for the general public.

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