Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hockey doesn't care

The following ABC headline caught my imagination today:
“Hockey doesn't care if bank chiefs 'shoot' him”

Neither do I, you have my blessing banker’s, just this once.

The shadow Treasurer and ANZ chief have been bitch slapp’n each other since the company posted a record profit a few days ago.

In response to the latest lashing from ANZ, Hockey reportedly said:
“I don't mind because we are standing up for consumers”

"I welcome profits but I love competition, and in this situation Australians want to know that they have a more competitive banking environment as a result of government action."

Don’t get me wrong, bankers are little more than organised criminals who have us all bound in abject slavery repaying never ending debt.

But when Mr Hockey says “more competitive”, it’s in the way the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) has made the Australian manufacturing, agricultural, film & television industries more competitive, by decimating them.

I’m ever so grateful that Mr Howard stood up for me, the consumer, several years past signing the FTA with the Bush Administration.

After our farming community was turned to dust, with the exception of corporate entities, my groceries have become infinitely cheaper.

Well, they would have in theory, had two supermarket chains aspiring to be competitive, not anti competitively acquired every other retailer in the country and then colluded in inflated price fixing.

When a politician promises more competition, brace yourselves, your about to get screwed all over again.

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