Sunday, October 18, 2009

Truth, Nowhere and everywhere

The world of info wars can be a very murky one indeed, laden with double agents, NWO shills who cloak themselves as info warriors. It’s an absolute mine field, a veritable quagmire of disinformation in the war for your mind.

I was reading an article recently by A. True Ott - The Sound of Silence: The Antithesis of Freedom @ I was mildly surprised when in the editor’s forward, he writes:
The second service that this author performs is to "out" two of our more deceptive alleged CIA/Pentagon 'assets' masquerading under the rubric of natural health advocates. Their names are Rima Laibow and her husband, former Major General Albert Stubblebine.
I say mildly surprised because nothing really surprises me anymore, but this was info that I had not seen before.

A. True Ott in his article elaborates with detail on the shadowy background of Major Bert and his wife. There are plenty of comments added to this post and a subsequent follow up - Actionable Disinformation, which lend support to Laibow and Stubblebine having questionable motives. There are also numerous other websites and blogs that make critical examination of their characters, e.g. - THE NATIONAL HEALTH, and mind control

I have personally produced the odd blog post on the topic of vaccines and the “swine flu”. On several occasions, I have made reference to, and linked to the website and publications of Rima E. Laibow, MD. I will not be retracting those references, based on my investigations, I feel what I have quoted from this source is information of value. At the same time, I can not find fault with some of the above character investigations.

So how do I reconcile this position of contradiction? The answer lies within the nature of the info war. The strategies and tactics deployed in this war of dissemination, by those that control the game, are varied and complex.

Disinformation is a predominant weapon of choice. Of course not any old disinformation will do, if it is too silly people just ignore it. Therefore in most cases, disinformation is sophisticated enough as to be largely believable, achieved in most part by in fact reporting the actual truth in a good percentage of the manufactured composition. But then the curved ball is pitched, a small percentage of absurdity or verifiable falsities added and/or vital info omitted.

If no one detects the bullsh*t, all well and good, the agenda of the shill is forwarded by the converted. If it is detected, all well and good because now the information is discredited, all those secret truths revealed can never again be entertained without ridicule. A win win for the puppet masters you may say.

The deception keeps on multiplying from here, disinformation about disinformation disseminates.

Another outing Dr A. True Ott is recently famous for is that of Jane Burgermeister. You may have heard of her and/or her birdflu666 website which has since been updated with a newer site.

The dynamic duo of Dr. Deagle and Dr. Ott have been quite scathing in their attacks on Jane and vice versa. Again Burgermeister is someone that I have found to have spilled important info, but simultaneously I also find some of Dr Ott’s allegations to hold true. One such charge is that she has plagiarised the work of Ott and the team at Nutrimedical.

I could believe this, I read on Jane’s website in a collum discussing thimerosal, mention to Prescott Bush being part of the board of directors at the Eli Lilly Company. This is also something Dr. Ott states in his DVD - The Bird Flu Hoax, as seen here in part 1.

Apart from these two sources, I can find no reference anywhere to this claim. Prescott’s son G.H.W. Bush was an Eli Lilly board director along with many other notable shady characters but as near as I can ascertain, Prescott was not.

There are plenty of detractors for Dr Deagle and Dr Ott also. Let’s look at these two examples.

So now we’re digesting disinformation exposing disinformation agents who exposed disinformation agents.

Again some off the content Dr. Ott has to offer is information of interest but I become sceptical of his character with a visit to the website Mother Earth Minerals Inc. This expensive mineral supplement business appears to be an enterprise of Dr. Ott, the only content at the home page, apart from menus etc, is a sales pitch from Dr. Ott.

A. Ott thanks the Merck pharmaceutical Corporation for their contribution of mineral definitions, odd that he also lobbies against their interests in vaccines no? Something else slightly weird here, check the listed specials, they include “the Horrors of Vaccination” a work published in 1920 (a very good read), but a publication that copyright expired on long ago and is freely available in the public domain. However you can pay Dr. Ott USD $9.95 for this book, if you prefer that to reading it for free.

There are many points of contention that I have found with many content authors of the “truth movement”. I won’t name them all; I’ll let you the reader practice deciphering info, which is what a site like this is for, to ignite some brain activity. Ultimately our puppet masters don’t let us see anything they do not want us to. Sometimes the disclosure is for conditioning us in accepting their sick fantasies, often as previously outlined; it is to throw us off the scent, tell us the truth and have it discredited beyond all reproach.

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