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My Personal Journey into Lawful Rebellion

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By Justin Walker

Without doubt, this is the most important article I have ever written. It is a personal record of how events and people have inspired and guided me towards what I firmly believe is now the only effective, non-violent strategy left for humanity if we are to avoid enslavement by a tiny, but powerful, Criminal Global Elite who masquerade as the ‘New World Order’.

Everyday, in ever increasing numbers, good and decent people are waking up and realising the truth about what we are really facing and are now seeking guidance as to how to lead their lives without fear, whilst contributing in a non-violent and positive way to expose and defeat this tiny minority who seek to rule through fear and deception.

One curious incident did happen to me which gave me my first inkling that things were not quite what they seem. Over breakfast, my Uncle, who was at that time a Director of the Bank of England, suddenly interrupted our general conversation and asked me what I was going to do for a career. Before I had time to answer properly, he said “Whatever you do in life, always remember these two things - never believe everything you read in the papers, because we control them, and never believe politicians when they say they can do something, because they can’t unless we say they can!”

Designed to fail:

The simple and brutal truth is that the United Nations is designed deliberately NOT to work properly – it does not want to help in the most effective way possible the poorest nations in the world when they are faced by massive humanitarian problems. The Malthusian mindset of the Criminal Global Elite does not want the United Nations to find genuine solutions to help save the lives of people they consider to be ‘useless eaters’. After so many years of being politely listened to and then totally ignored and stonewalled by UN diplomats and bureaucrats, I realised that the world’s poor will only find true justice and real quality of life when we have exposed and brought down the House of Cards that makes up the Criminal Global Elite (or New World Order as it is known in some quarters) – along with their cunningly devised and totally controlled United Nations.

Our health in ‘Their’ hands:

Cancer Research UK, and all the many other cancer research charities that exist in the world today, will only look at research that involves chemotherapy, radiotherapy, genetherapy and good old fashioned surgery. If their ‘treatments’ don’t involve butchery, then they involve poisoning or radiating your body to such an extent that your immune system becomes shattered and healthy cells will be massacred along with the cancerous ones. The myriad of charities and research institutions that make up the ‘Cancer Industry’ exist only to support the profits of the Criminal Global Elite controlled pharmaceutical industries. The simple truth is that there are cures for cancer but we are not allowed to know about them!

Feed into any search engine the name of Dr Royal Raymond Rife and find out about his incredible use of using harmless wavelengths or electronic resonance to destroy the cancer cells whilst leaving the cancer patient’s healthy cells and immune system totally intact. This was done way back in the 1930s with incredible results but the Global Elite’s backlash saw to it that his medical breakthrough (involving treatment costing only a tiny fraction of what is spent on pharmaceutical research and treatments) never became a part of mainstream medicine.

And what about B17, sometimes known as Laetrile that comes from simple apricot kernels? Do you know about Essiac Tea? Or Miracle Mineral Supplement? Or Colloidal Silver even? And what do Salvestrols do? You probably don’t know unless you were fortunate enough to have come across them on the internet or heard about them from people who had the courage to turn their backs on conventional profit led medicine to take up these extremely safe alternatives.

Why don’t the Cancer Research Charities spend some of our donations testing the efficacy of these apparent cures? The answer is horribly simple. There are no big profits to be made out of our ill health by going down the path of so-called ‘Alternative Medicine’. The criminal mindset of the Global Elite is firmly in control of our medical establishment.

Seeking out the Real Truth about 9/11:

By January 2005 the British campaign to expose the real truth about 9/11 spluttered into life. MPs were lobbied and sent persuasive evidence that would make any ordinary decent person think twice about the official 9/11 narrative. But not our wonderful MPs! Nearly all of them elected to show no interest at all and totally ignored our approaches. There were three exceptions.

Unfortunately, despite British soldiers taking casualties in two unlawful wars which were both triggered by the events of 9/11, these three MPs have chosen, no doubt for political safety reasons, not to ask any difficult questions about the actual events of 9/11 in the House of Commons. And just to make matters even more confusing for all our elected representatives, compelling evidence is increasingly coming to light that the attacks in London on 7/7 were simply part of this ‘False Flag’ strategy to drive forward this criminal global agenda to make us agree to surrender more and more of our civil liberties whilst engineering unlawful wars for huge profits for the Criminal Global Elite.

Did you know that a powerful hurricane was just out to sea off New York on the morning of September 11th 2001? If you didn’t, then welcome to a completely new look at the events of 9/11!

No steel framed building anywhere in the world has ever collapsed due to fire – except buildings 1, 2 and 7 at the World Trade Center. Both the Twin Towers collapsed at almost free fall speed whilst WTC7, a 47 storey office block, took just a fraction over six seconds to come down. Where was the resistance, as the complete collapses came into contact with the largely undamaged and unaffected parts of the buildings?

The global 9/11 Truth movement has been influenced in recent years by the work of Dr Steven Jones. To explain how the Towers came down in such a dramatic and incredibly fast moving way, he is telling people that this was as a result of controlled demolition, with the using of carefully positioned advanced thermite explosives which are capable of cutting through massive steel supporting columns in seconds. On the surface this seems almost believable until you hear about Hurricane Erin, the pictures of partially toasted cars and the absence of any real rubble pile after the collapses of the North and South Towers.

And the personality of Dr Jones is interesting too. He is a senior practising Mormon (The Mormon Church is recognised by some key researchers, including David Icke, as being an integral part of the Criminal Global Elite) and, as a scientist researching Cold Fusion at Brigham Young University, he has been accused by some of spoiling a potentially exciting breakthrough in Cold Fusion back in 1989.

So what is the physical evidence that could, if taken seriously, turn the scientific community upside down and put an end to the world’s manufactured and contrived energy crises? If you visit the website of former professor of mechanical engineering, Dr Judy Wood, and this page in particular, you will see pictures of partially toasted cars, other vehicles upturned and flipped over, steel distorted in incredible ways and, most weird of all, the physical evidence that the Towers were not just brought down, they were simply pulverised using incredible energy into dust. Certainly, the rubble piles are ridiculously small for such incredibly tall buildings.

The physical evidence would seem to suggest that some sort of ‘Black Technology’ Directed Energy Weapon or Beam Weapon was used. If this all sounds far fetched, just look again with a completely open mind at the pictures. Buildings that collapse, even after controlled demolition, always leave a considerable rubble pile. Again, even with the type of controlled demolition envisaged by Dr Jones, you would not have partially toasted or upturned vehicles nor would you have steel being distorted in such peculiar ways. And what about the reported ‘cold’ fires near some of the toasted vehicles which don’t seem to ignite paper and which firemen were able to walk through. All very strange stuff!

And the strangest of all - Hurricane Erin - the 9/11 meteorological happening that nobody knows about or even wants to talk about. Not only is the path of the hurricane interesting, but when the Twin Towers in New York collapsed, magnetic anomalies were picked up by magnetometers in Alaska at exactly the same time.

If she is proved to be correct with her observations and findings, the implications to Dr Wood’s work are enormous. Certainly, to open minded scientists who know of the work and findings of maverick inventor John Hutchison, what she has observed and commented on fits in very well with his ‘Hutchison effect’ which, in turn, stems from his work into the discoveries of genius scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla.

The way forward becomes clearer:

Another major issue that has extremely serious consequences for all of us and which the Criminal Global Elite are using as a major staging post towards their dream of global governance is the European Union.

One moment it was the EEC, then, suddenly, the men in grey suits were talking about a political Union. The EU was born and with it the unelected and unaccountable, all powerful EU Commission, backed up by a feeble and impotent EU Parliament. Today, something like 80% of our laws affecting our daily lives originate from this Commission and this trend will continue to rise as the EU slowly, but surely, removes all vestiges of our abilities to make our own laws through our own Parliament. And will the British people be allowed another referendum to confirm or deny this new arrangement whereby we give away all our rights to an Orwellian Superstate? Of course not, that would fly in the face of the hidden agenda that has been in existence since the end of the Second World War. Look at poor old Ireland. The Irish give a resounding ‘No’ to the Lisbon Treaty, a treaty that will beef up and legitimise even further the EU’s stature and decision making process, and, what happens, they are told to vote again until they get it ‘right’!

Everywhere you look we are being increasingly monitored and checked up on by those who seek to control us. We have more CCTV cameras than anywhere else in Europe. Why? Traffic Wardens have now been re-designated Civil Enforcement Officers with new sweeping powers. Why? We have dirty hospitals where killer bugs are at large because simple commonsense cleaning procedures had been ignored. Why?

Something deeply nasty is going on. An agenda is being carried out to the detriment of ordinary decent people and the conclusion has to be that it is extremely sinister. After my experience with the cancer industry, I now know for a fact that effective treatments, indeed cures, are being deliberately suppressed.

We are currently seeing the scare that Swine Flu is causing throughout the world though at the time of writing it is the fear rather than the flu itself that seems to be doing the damage.

However, deliberate attacks on the human body and the human mind are ongoing and taking place under the guise of safe medical practice such as the unpleasant cocktails of chemicals that make up vaccinations, including mercury, and the expansion of fluoride in our drinking water.

In addition, food additives, such as aspartame, and the effects of high frequency radio waves from phone masts and mobile phones are clearly detrimental to our health but the medical evidence is always ignored in case it damages the huge profits being made at our expense. And if this wasn’t enough, we have Chemtrails, the evidence for which is now overwhelming. What is it that ‘they’ are secretly spraying up there in the skies and for what purpose?

Another attack on the human condition is coming in the shape of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops. What is being planned will eventually lead to the demise of natural organic food production. Ian Crane, one of Britain’s key researchers into the activities of the Criminal Global Elite, has spent the last three years warning the world about the long term effects of a little known collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety known collectively as Codex Alimentarius.

The Whole Truth Coalition:

In the Spring of 2008, it was now quite clear to those of us who could see this much bigger picture that time was running out and that simply sticking to the single issue of ‘False Flag Terrorism’, whilst extremely important in itself, was not going to create the grassroots momentum needed to frustrate and stop the Criminal Global Elite’s agenda for Britain and the world. Something had to be done and done quickly. What was needed was an effective on-line information clearing house that also encouraged people to think about starting local ‘Truth Groups’ in their neighbourhoods.

The political situation we have today:

Everywhere you look, decent and honest citizens are coming under attack. In the developed world, not only are the Criminal Global Elite taking away our freedoms but they are deliberately damaging our health as well as engineering enormous debt to control and subdue our future actions and capabilities. Decent families with young children are increasingly coming under enormous strain and, in many cases, are falling apart from the effects of ill health and financial stress. And for the so-called developing world, it is even worse, much worse, as a further massive Malthusian cull of the world’s population is imminent and may well be underway – the ‘useless eaters’ have to be dealt with! The evidence is there for all to see. There are now so many dots that you don’t even have to join them up. Like digital pixels, you just have to look at the picture they make.

Very powerful people in banking, politics, industry and the media, along with elements of some of the bloodline European royal families, meet behind closed doors to set agendas and to brief those ‘useful idiots’ who will carry them out. This is, quite simply, undemocratic.

So what’s the answer to rid ourselves of this corrupt and criminal political system that we, the people, have allowed to take root? Quite simply, Lawful Rebellion!

Last year, when my fellow co-founders of the Whole Truth Coalition were drawing up the organisation’s aspirations and plans, I wrote that our endeavours should result in there being, in 2010, a Great British Tax Revolt. The argument I put forward then was very simple:

“If we refuse to pay our taxes and simply walk away in our thousands, we will jam the courts. Our case would be completely clear cut. In our name, senior members of our elected government are actively taking part in, or are being deliberately compliant to, treasonous and illegal activities.”

I believe, and still do, that this is a very simple and effective proposition, but it would have involved people having to make the grave and conscious decision to break the law and to take the judicial consequences of their actions. What I know now, one year on, is that we can lawfully withhold our taxes and that this is the way forward to success and final victory over the Criminal Global Elite.

There are two types of law that currently govern us here in the UK. The first is Common Law or the Law of the Land which, through our birthright and Magna Carta of 1215, we are all answerable to and supported by. Simply put, if you commit a breach of the peace, or employ mischief in your agreements, or cause harm or loss to anyone, then you are answerable to Common Law. The second type of law, Statute Law, is not quite so straightforward and is often known by other names such as Admiralty, Fleet, Commercial or Civil Law and is referred to as the Law of the Sea.

Unknown to nearly every person in the country, when we are born, something else is born with us, namely a ‘Legal Fiction’. This is, in fact, our birth certificate and National Insurance number. Or put another way, when we are born, a new corporate entity or company is created at the same time using our name on the birth certificate. Unknown to all of us except those who understand how the deception works, each one of us at birth is created a shareholder of United Kingdom plc. When something is addressed to you, and your name is all in CAPITAL letters, or has ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’ or ‘Ms’ in front of it, they are not writing to you as a living, breathing human being with a soul, but to your ‘Legal Fiction’. Simply put, when they are demanding taxes from you, or demanding your presence in court under an alleged breach of Statute Law, or arranging for your loans, mortgages or other banking services, they are, in fact, writing not to the human being, but to the ‘Legal Fiction’ or ‘Person’ that uses your name.

What is a Statute?

Put simply if you live peaceably, you will not violate Common Law. And you will not, therefore, end up in court charged with breaking Common Law.

Consequently, if you end up in court, it will be because you violated a Statute.

(And therefore you did not need to end up in court, as you will see if you read on. So, in essence, if a peaceful person ever actually ends up in court, it was because they simply did not know their rights)

A Statute is the final result of a Bill placed before Parliament. If the Bill is passed by Parliament, it becomes an Act of Parliament. Upon receipt of the Royal Assent it becomes a Statute.

Now, in a well-ordered society, we assume our elected representatives create our Parliament and make our laws.

And this is where the Grand Deception starts.

A Statute is a rule created by a representative governing body of a society designed to create common goals, which carries the force of law by the consent of the governed.

Hold on to the thought “… by the consent of the governed”, because that is a crucial thought.

A Statute only carries the force of law upon you if you consent to it. If you do not give your consent, a Statute cannot affect you in any way whatsoever.

And the courts know this. You may not, but they certainly do.

And the last thing they will do is tell you. In point of fact they will hide this from you at every opportunity.

On the other hand, if you tell them, they will accept it because they know it is actually true.

This is the Grand Deception.

Does this mean that you can break the law with impunity? The careful answer to that is “No”, because that is a sloppy question. ‘The law’ is Common Law, and you can’t break that (without consequences).

The question should have been “Does this mean you can violate a Statute with impunity?” The answer to that is “Yes” because a Statute is not the law. It is, in reality, nothing more than Company Policy. And, if you decide not to work for a particular company, its ‘policy’ does not in any way affect you.

Think of it this way. You go to work for a Supermarket Chain. You will be given a handbook of company rules. While in their employ you must follow these rules or be sacked. You either accept such rules, or don’t work for that company. But, if you don’t work for them, the rules don’t apply to you.

So how do you avoid such rules? Don’t work for the Supermarket Chain. Leave the company, ‘the society’. Work for some other company whose rules you can accept.

OR BECOME ‘SELF-EMPLOYED’, and make your own ‘Company rules’!

You can become Self-employed in terms of a ‘lawful, sovereign, peaceful human being entirely responsible for their own actions and not having to take any notice whatsoever of company policy issued as Statute by a nannying (and thoroughly, utterly corrupt) Board of Directors aka MPs, with one who calls himself Prime Minister aka Managing Director, or one who calls herself Queen aka Chairwoman’.

The United Kingdom, like all other countries on the planet, is actually a Corporation. And you can check this out by obtaining a Credit Report on it via Dun & Bradstreet.

A number of these companies, such as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION and THE UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION are, in point of fact, in Chapter 11 bankruptcy - but being only Chapter 11 are still, therefore, allowed to trade.

More of the Grand Deception is that the UK Ministry of Justice is a Corporation (yes, listed by D&B!), and that all courts are sub-franchises actively trading.

Consequently a Summons (according to Black’s Law Dictionary synonymous with ‘an invitation’) is nothing more than ‘An invitation to go to the company’s place of business in order to be made an offer’.

And you are perfectly entitled to say “No thanks, not interested in any offers you may make”

Another side to Lawful Rebellion and to the Grand Deception we are exposing, which will be extraordinarily popular with families struggling to find the money to pay the monthly mortgage, loan and credit card repayments, is that they can all be written off lawfully! That’s right, written off lawfully! Go to and

The only sensible and effective way forward:

Now we come to the most important part of this whole article……what happens next?

Over the last twelve months an incredible amount of positive networking has occurred in Britain with people who do not have hidden agendas and who can be completely trusted. We all just want two things to happen. Firstly, for the real truth to come out and for the Criminal Global Elite to be exposed and defeated non-violently….and, secondly, for the true independence of our country to be returned to us so that we, the people, can decide in a truly democratic manner how it should be governed without the influence of criminals, traitors and cowards.

Entitled “Wanted! One Million Rebellious Britons. Help us build the movement: Lawful Rebellion Conference”, it will be held on Saturday 13th June at the Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ. For more details, please go to

We don’t need mass rallies or demonstrations – all we need is for a million people to make the lawful decision to refuse to support the activities of the Criminal Global Elite by simply refusing, lawfully, to pay his or her taxes. And the marvellous thing is that this rebellion can take place from the comfort of your own home. As my journey over the last thirty years has revealed to me beyond all reasonable doubt that there is a Criminal Global Elite that is engineering and manipulating a ghastly future for all of us, I, for one, will be signing up and will be going to Lawful Rebellion.

Imagine the Criminal Global Elite as a large dam holding back a vast reservoir of suppressed knowledge, suppressed science, suppressed technologies and suppressed wisdom – everything needed to rid the world of the matrix of fear, violence and servitude and so ensure a future for everyone of lasting peace, justice and happiness. The ‘Truth Movement’ is flying in low straight for the target…..and we are now about to release our ‘Bouncing Bomb’ – Lawful Rebellion!

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this.

With all best wishes

Justin: Walker, May 2009,

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