Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catholic Compassion

It has long been common practice when hosting international events, for city official’s to sweep all the homeless people off the streets. The homeless can really tarnish a city’s image. This “cleansing” was carried out in Sydney for World Youth Day 2008, as it was for the 2007 APEC summit.

Between the two events, a trade summit for the elite and a Catholic Holy pilgrimage, as you would expect, organizers for one of these two events, were far more compassionate to the homeless.

In the round up preceding APEC, the homeless were offered accommodation in motels. For WYD they were simply marched away to a distance safely out of gazing range from Mr Ratzinger.

One street person claimed that they were forced to relocate to unsheltered park areas. WYD Organizers in their kindness closed the city soup kitchen, moving it to a neighboring suburb.

Bishop Anthony Fisher said "the soup kitchen was moved in order to ensure the privacy of those homeless people so they're not surrounded by pilgrims, so they can eat their soup in privacy"

Anthony's sensitivity is just remarkable isn’t it?

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